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Mini Market Close to your Heart.


What We Offer

Super Health Food

SK African Market.

African Grocery Store in Knoxville.

products as varied as PALM OIL ,FUFU,  BANKU, three food item as old as West Africa itself and Palm oil, a rich red oil pressed from the fibrous flesh around the nut of the fruit of the oil palm, including Couscous, Attieke, to name a few,  which is one of the most popular processed products made from moist and fermented cassava in West Africa. SK African Market has made it possible for you to come and discover Variety of food and ready to remind you about Home.


Here are the  types of catering We Provide :

  • Wedding Catering. 

  • Corporate Catering. ...

  • Social Event Catering. ...

  • Concession Catering.

  • Baby shower 

  • Graduation catering

Stoocked Buffet

Our Customers Reviews

"Jollof rice was the best ever. Food is delicious. Don't let the size of the place fool you. Small shop BIG FLAVOR. I'M in Love, definitely going back. If i lived in the area this would be a regular thing for me."
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